Lesson 5: how to wear his jeans

I’m no slave to the latest trends, but I do LOVE clothes. I also write about them for a living, so it kind of makes sense for me to include the odd post with a few styling tips. So, here goes…

Boyfriend jeans are notoriously hard to wear, and with Valentine’s Day hype around every corner, what better time to give them a chance to shine? If you’re not sure they’re for you, do what I did and hunt for a cheap pair first. I got mine in the Zara sale for a nifty £7.99. Absolute bargain. You could actually wear your boyfriend’s jeans of course, but most of us would look ridiculous.

I love the idea that every day has the potential to take you literally anywhere. You could go to work, head out for a couple of drinks and who knows where you might end up? Once, my best friend and I went for afternoon tea at 3pm and somehow didn’t get home until the next morning. Life can be more interesting when it takes you by surprise. Boyfriend jeans have that essence of romance about them. It’s the ‘she spontaneously stayed over’ kind of look, which exudes confidence and fun. Also, for me, clothes have to be versatile – I would feel pretty comfortable wearing this outfit whatever I was doing, wherever I ended up (obviously with a pair of flats in my bag, just in case).

I’ve styled my jeans with a grey roll-neck jumper, also Zara, velvet polka-dot stilettos from Topshop, and a black faux-fur stole from Accessorize. Worn-out denim works surprisingly well with more glamorous pieces, so don’t be afraid to mix and match smart and casual. This is such an easy first-date outfit when you want to dress up without looking like you’ve made too much effort.







So there you have it. My first fashion post…eek! I hope it gives you the excuse to treat yourself to some lovely new jeans and heels, for Valentine’s Day or otherwise.



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