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A friend of mine recently stumbled across my old blog, Oh! is for Openminded. Rather than tease me, they said I should probably get back into the whole blogging thing. So, here I am. Without meaning to, I became one of those people who used and abused their blog. I created one because I wanted to stay in the habit of writing after uni, building up a nice portfolio of work that I could show off in interviews. Now, three years later and happily writing for a living, I feel kind of sad to have neglected something that helped me bag a job doing something I love.

I used to blog to try and figure out how I was feeling and what I wanted, dishing out life advice and opinions left, right and centre. When, in all honesty, every single post was a small product of sadness at not being where I wanted to be. I really don’t want to be the kind of moany wanker who only blogs when something has annoyed them, but three years ago I was generally just a bit of a moany wanker. Writing for free by day and pulling pints by night will do that to you.

My primary reason for becoming a writer was to give people something useful to relate to. Now, as someone who is slowly getting somewhere in the world, I’m hoping I’ve got a little bit more of a right to advise people on life than I ever had before. I want my words and persona to make whoever is engaging with them feel good about themselves – a little reminder that we all face a lot of the same problems, so you’re never really alone. I want people to like a post because it makes them like themselves a little better. There are so many blogs full of beautiful, successful people showing off designer clothes and a lifestyle most of us can only dream of. I just want to talk about real life.

And so, Like Her Type is born. A blog that I hope will provide a few pearls of wisdom, wherever I feel I can give them, on those day-to-day dramas, dilemmas, observations, questions and ambiguities that we all face… from what to wear and where, to when and if to care. If there is anything you’d like some advice on – like, literally anything – please don’t hesitate to comment below or email me at corinwriter@gmail.com.

Thanks so much for reading,

Corin x