Her Lessons

“Honest life lessons from me to you, on absolutely everything…”

Lessons from you: reaching out to a virtual stranger

As a writer, I partly put words together for the fun of it, but mostly want to catapult those ideas into an invisible crowd of strangers. I want to reach out to people because I think that’s kind of nice. To share and share alike…read more


Lessons from 2016? Follow your heart.

This time last year I was at an elephant sanctuary just south of Bangkok (WFFT), as far away from home as I’d ever been and with six whole months of barely planned travel ahead of me. Utter bliss. Months before however, I’d gone through a strange, unexpected and terrifying phase of being scared of pretty much everything. OCD, they said…read more 



Why your tattoo demonstrates a beautiful faith in others

Although I got my first tattoo two weeks before the US election results, it’s only recently dawned on me how important it is to have faith at a time when it would be much easier to withdraw from the unknown. When I read the news at the moment, all I want to do is withdraw from civilisation and live on the fringes of the Amazon rainforest…read more


A lesson on confidence, health and hungover Sundays

How introverted are you? Enough to notice visible effects on your confidence? Your health? Your drinking habits? If like me, you’re the secret kind-of introvert (going above and beyond every single day to come across as anything but shy because you annoy yourself so much), you’ll appreciate the, erm, interesting challenge I faced recently…read more


Lessons to 16-year-old me

Maybe it’s because I turned the grand old age of 27 yesterday, or maybe it’s because 2016 has brought about the most growing up I have EVER done. I’m ENGAGED for God’s sake. I just can’t stop thinking about how much can happen in a decade…read more

pink toilets like her type 16 year old me

Are some risks good for your health?

Somehow, one of the most eventful months of my life just passed me by. Whoooosh! Gone! I didn’t consciously decide on a digital detox (although it has been rather nice in some ways). Nope, I accidentally used up every teeny ounce of spare time on getting my life back on track after my sneaky six-month stint of unemployment…read more


Why it always pays to be patient

Living in limbo is not fun. It is, however, often a stepping-stone to a much nicer place, as long as you’re patient, optimistic and prepared to push yourself. I hope this little anecdote shows how important it is to let a timeline of events unravel before submitting defeat…read more


3 beauty products that will change your life

Living out of a single bag for 6 months and not having a great deal of extra time or cash to spend on my face has taught me two major things…read more

Barley nat collect

Why your imperfect life is more inspiring 

A few months ago, someone said to me: “Your life is literally goals right now,” after I uploaded some recent photos: white-sand beaches, tanned smiling faces, an engagement ring, friendship, love, excitement…read more

smile quote

Why you should still be proud to be British

I managed to refrain from writing a post about my decision to #voteremain in the EU referendum. In all honesty, no matter how many articles I read, or how much I believed it was the right way forward, I never felt properly equipped or qualified to offer advice to others…read more

london door

The best books I’ve read this year

Summer solstice is fast approaching, provoking, as always, nostalgic thoughts of the year so far. As well as travelling, writing and getting engaged, I have thankfully found the time to read some bloody good books…read more



10 common fears travelling helped me conquer 

Two years ago, when I promised myself I would save up and see the world, I didn’t fully predict the mammoth effect it would have on my future happiness. I felt the weight of the importance to travel, but I didn’t really know why…read more


Finding light in the dark 

‘Six months is nothing’, they said. ‘When you come back, everything will be exactly the same.’March 2016 was easily one of the happiest times of my whole life. I was in the Philippines, my boyfriend proposed. I was so tanned, so healthy and had absolutely everything to look forward to…read more


Giving up makeup (more or less)

Four months ago, the night before my flight to Bangkok, my sister helpfully went through my backpack in an attempt to reduce its embarrassing size. I’m proud to say that I agreed to leave a pile of clothes behind, but after bulk-buying my favourite beauty products…read more

no makeup double

Why skydiving cured my anxiety

When I was seven, my parents bought a half-built house on a brand-new estate. It thrilled me to think we’d be the first people to live there. Everything would be as it should be; no yellowing circles on the ceiling, not crunchy stains on the carpet, no rotten fence posts. It would be a show house; a perfect house…read  more


How it feels to find ‘the one’

It’s still a shock that these words form part of my vocabulary, but on 9th March, my boyfriend proposed to me. He booked us into Kandaya, a luxury resort in the Philippines, and proposed to me by candlelight on the beach…read more


A lesson on keeping a clear head

In October, when I proudly announced that I’d be going travelling at Christmas, my plan was to document the build-up. The build-up is just intermittent butterflies and last-minute packing for some, but for me it was the strange and stressful journey I guessed it would be…read more

Plane to Bangkok

A lesson on Christmas traditions

Picture me aged 3. I’m making a snowman from cotton wool and toilet roll. I proudly present snowman to Mum and Dad when I get home from playgroup, and then again the following Christmas when he emerges from a dusty box of decorations. And just like that, a tradition is born…read more


Winter beauty remedies


A lesson on feeling nervous 


Lesson 31: giving death a voice


Lessons from you: transforming your body


Lesson 30: quitting your job to travel the world


Lesson 29: visiting Verona


Lesson 28: hoarding the past

photo callage

Lesson 27: turning 26


Lesson 26: going wild in Ibiza


Lesson 25: believing in yourself


Lesson 24: buying cheap makeup that works 


Lesson 23: staying connected


Lesson 22: learning from Dad


Lesson 21: feeling inspired for life


Lesson 20: feeling comfortable in your own skin

Like Her Type - Corin Jackson

Lesson 19: celebrating festivals


Lesson 18: feeling normal


Lesson 16: taking back control

you are what you think

Lesson 15: reading the right books

Tender is the Night

Lesson 14: looking forward


Lesson 13: getting drunk


Lesson 11: visiting Lisbon


Lesson 10: appreciating mums 

Shopping with mum

Lesson 9: living in the moment 


Lesson 8: controlling anxiety


Lesson 7: balancing work, love, family & friends


Lesson 6: treasuring friends

Bex kiss

Lesson 4: coping with change


Lesson 3: being 25


Lesson 2: losing weight


Lesson 1: finding love


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